The Spanish Greyhound,
he dies in February

The greyhound is an animal of fine descent and with a long history. Their origins are quite clear, they come from the Egyptian lebrels. However, their arrival to Spain isn’t that clear They may have arrived with the Romans or with the Celts that came from the Galias; or perhaps the Moors may brought introduced them. Anyway, they were considered a precious possession, typical of noblemen and sheikhs. Sadly, little by little, their breeding became more widespread. They were the perfect animal for hunting and were commonly raised by   peniless families in order to support themselves.

In the Reconquest, while a big part of Spain were deforest by ranchers and farmers, the hare settles in the soils and stars a explosive offspring. It’s then when the hare hunting and the greyhounds were in the spot.

Sorrowfully the “custom” to ride of the animals at the of the hunting season comes from that ages. However be part of our history it isn’t a excuse at all. It’s supposed that the families who used the greyhounds as a hunter tool to have something to eat. So when they couln’t hunt any longer the families couldn’t aford feed them.

Nowadays greyhounds are used to practise “the sport” of hunting. There is an absolute lack of survival justification. They are used hardly two years or so, and they are abandonated, torturared, killed and forgotten every hunting season. So, more than ever, it’s time to move on.

The grayhouns or Spanish lebrel can be short, long or hard haired. The long haired barely exists already. Actually, among the History the spanish ajnd the irish greyhoun have been crossbreeed because the first one was faster but less tought.

Right now, it exist  a exorbitant and uncrontolled greyhound breeding. Even with the current laws (scants, anyway) very little or nothing is done in order to control and punish those who raise these dogs without control. They do it without sanitary minimum conditions in sheds and feeding with remnants of stale bread just to watch them run and kill hares for a couple of years , without giving the the slightest value neither a hint of affection.

Mostly of the greyhouns are good and calm, and extremely loving. They are playful and very cheerful too. Even with the past they are carrying on, they are kind and they like to be with us. In the other hand, they are usually feaurful and skittish  but they have their reasons. In any case, when you reach them, they  will never fail you.

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